Which fire extinguisher is better to take in a car

A fire extinguisher for car is not just superfluous ballast and another “troubles” of the traffic police, since no one is immune from a sudden fire that can completely destroy a car.

Drivers, people are self-confident and believe that they know how to drive and ignition of a car, this is something from the realm of unreal. But such an opinion is erroneous, because quite often a fire occurs both as a result of an accident and spontaneous combustion. A fire extinguisher is not a ballast, but a fire protection.

Nowadays, shop windows are bursting with the abundance and variety of these products, and the seller will praise these products for you. Before you go to the store, you need to decide on the choice of a fire extinguisher.

The car has a bunch of electronics, oil and fuel, which means foam fire extinguishers are not suitable. It is also better to refrain from buying new items in the world of fire extinguishers that extinguish a fire with water.

Powder type OP-2 fire extinguisher is widely distributed among car owners. The principle of its action is that the powder from it is ejected under pressure into the base of the fire, preventing the flow of oxygen. The combustion process stops, the fire is extinguished. True, after using it, you will have to sweat to wash the stain.

There are two types of powder fire extinguishers. The first is a cylinder filled with gas that emits powder. It has a pressure gauge for determining internal pressure. In a second type fire extinguisher, gas is produced due to a chemical reaction.

Due to the additional time spent on the chemical process, the powder is not immediately discarded, but after a certain time. Since the machine can catch fire instantly, it is best to buy the first type of fire extinguisher. There is another type of powder fire extinguisher where foam is thrown when shaking, but this is a rather old model and inconvenient to operate.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, like foam fire extinguishers, “block” oxygen from the fire, but carbon dioxide is released instead of powder under high pressure. It is it that replaces oxygen and smothers fire. This type of fire extinguisher is dangerous in operation, since acid is supplied at sub-zero temperatures, and it can frostbite a bare part of the body. Plus, carbon dioxide is dangerous in large quantities to humans, as it paralyzes the respiratory system.

So which fire extinguisher to choose?

We eliminated the foam type immediately, since wiring closure is possible. A water fire extinguisher is not powerful enough to extinguish fuels and lubricants in the machine, and the likelihood of a short circuit is obvious. The carbon dioxide type is effective, but quite dangerous when used (it is possible to frostbite something or suffocate).

Instructions for installing and setting up your bike computer

How to properly install and configure the bike computer (sensor and magnet).
  1. Theoretically, you can install the bike computer in an arbitrary place on the wheel spoke. But as a rule, it is better to install the magnet for the bike computer as close to the sleeve as possible, in order to reduce its speed and increase the time required to operate the reed switch. If the bike computer is mounted close to the rim with a large wheel size, the bike computer may give erroneous readings at high speeds.

  2. Attach the bike computer sensor to the plug or mounting bolt. Before connecting the wire and installing the bike computer mount on the steering wheel, check how the bike computer works, adjust the position of the reed switch and magnet.

  3. Most wired bike computers come with a plastic protective jacket that securely attaches the wire to the frame. It often does not match the color and impairs the appearance of the bike. The wire can simply be wrapped with transparent polyester tape, which is usually sold in two-inch wide rolls complete with a feeder and cutting tool. Before wrapping the wire with electrical tape, make sure the frame and plug are clean, wash your hands.

  4. After installing the magnet and the reed switch, turn the bike over to the repair position, remove the front wheel to simplify the routing of the wire.

Installing a wired bike computer in front.
  1. The wire must be laid at the back on the inside of the fork pen, as in this position the wire is the most aerodynamic and invisible. The sensor can also be installed in front of the plug of the plug, but you also need to make sure that the wire will fit on the inside. Leave a small stretch of loose wire between the bike computer sensor and the cable mounting location in case you need to slightly move the sensor in the future.

  2. The most common gasket error is connecting the wire to the steering pipe. In this case, you will have to leave two large loops sagging so that the wire does not stretch in the corners. It is best to attach the wire to the front brake cable so that it is protected along its length, since the fork, brake and steering wheel always move together.

  3. I prefer to attach the wire with transparent tape on the back of the brake cable. If the wire is longer than required, the excess is carefully folded and placed at the bottom of the plug stem.